Some might say that the art of communication is not what it use to be. That’s where Mali Osage comes in. This Philadelphia born rapper/songwriter pours passion and aggression into his lyrics all the while maintaining a smooth and effortless delivery. Mali (which is derived Malachi) prides himself on clever wordplay to get his point across. Some of Mali’s influences include: JayZ, Fabolous, Kanye West, Andre 3000 and Black Thought. He’s not afraid to address topics and point of views that go against rap’s over saturated cliches. Recently, Mali collaborated with popular YouTuber, Quinn Holiday on a 4 song EP, “Departure of Empathy Two” which focuses on narcissistic abuse, sharing his own experience on the topic.


In his music, Mali gives the listener just enough vulnerability to connect his experiences, mixing in some bravado that separates him from the crowd. Next up for Mali is his highly anticipated mixtape “No Judge No Jury” where he celebrates his growth as an artist but recognizes the importance of staying true to his roots.